In 1982, a Task Force on Companion Animals for the Elderly enlisted the support
of 30 state, federal, and community agencies and organizations to hold the
first Arizona Conference on Companion Animals for the elderly.

One of the results of that conference was the formal establishment of the Companion Animal Association of Arizona, Inc. (CAAA) as an Arizona non-profit corporation.

In 1983 Arizona state legislation was passed enabling elderly residents in public housing to keep pets. 1984 brought an amendment to the law allowing pet ownership by disabled persons in public housing. CAAA acted in a "watchdog" capacity to ensure that these new rights were upheld.

CAAA continues its commitment to elderly and disabled persons with special needs relating to companion animals and the Human/Animal Bond through the Social Pet Therapy and Pet Grief Support programs. CAAA maintains a network of community volunteers and has a cooperative working relationship with agencies, organizations and veterinarians throughout the state serving persons with special needs.


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