The Companion Animal Association of Arizona, Inc. has operated the Social/Pet Therapy Animal Program in the Phoenix metro area since 1986. We are proud to have visited thousands of elderly, sick, and disabled people in hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities. Our pet therapy teams have elicited smiles, pleasant memories and responses when no other activity or human being could.



  • Are dependable and willing to commit to a minimum of one visit per month for one year
  • Take their own pets to visit the elderly in day and residential facilities
  • Can expect visits to last for approximately one hour
  • Usually go to the same facility one or two times a month, on a weekday morning
  • May be placed at a facility that can accommodate an afternoon, weekend or evening visit

  • Currently include over 60 dogs and two cats
  • Are friendly to strangers, confident, predictable in public and love to be petted
  • Are clean, healthy and well-groomed
  • Dogs have a strong bond with their owners, walk calmly on a lead, sit on command, refrain from jumping and are well mannered
  • Cats are willing to be transported and placed in strangers' laps, and are well mannered


  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) testing
  • Picnics where volunteers get to meet each other and their furry companions
  • Occasional seminars on handling skills and visiting techniques


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